Basic Gilding

This day-long workshop takes place at my studio.  It covers: types of gilding size, linear and area gilding, sealing, leaf properties, understanding how to incorporate gilding processes into your working process; guided work time. 

The next gilding workshop is Monday, April 15, 2024. It runs  from 10am to 5pm at my studio.  If you are interested in attending a gilding workshop, get in touch. The workshop is limited to 6 participants. I ask  for a deposit at the time of your reservation.  Please email me for a description: the cost of the workshop is $250.  Karen  @   FitzgeraldArt . com


Karen’s workshop gave me all the tools I needed to move forward and start working immediately with gilding. I have been working with gold, silver and copper leaf since then and it has opened up my horizons enormously. I am able to gild my sculptures now and that has informed my work in a way I didn’t expect. It’s become a major element in what I am doing, which is a huge shift from what I was thinking and creating before the workshop.

-Audrey Shachnow,, Gilding Workshop Participant

This class was so informative! Karen had great advice on where to source supplies (something that is getting more difficult to do), types of leaf, sizes (adhesives), and techniques. Though we did not deal with some of the older, more medieval methods (involving things like rabbit skin glue or honey and beer), we covered many traditional techniques as well as more modern approaches on a variety of surfaces. Karen’s passion for gold leaf as a medium is contagious, and her positive willingness to share made the demonstrations and discussion lively and engaging.

-Duncan Reid,, Gilding Workshop Participant


Learn basic processes using an etching press: monotyping, dry point, solar etching.

Workshops can be one-on-one, and adjusted to your time availability.  I also rent press-time.  The studio is a private work-space.

Framing Artwork

Framing can be accomplished with archival materials and processes – when you do your own framing not only do you know the work has been done to your standards, it also saves you the overhead a frame-shop charges.

Workshops for the Educational Community:

For 30 years I have provided a wide range of consulting support to the educational community.  I specialize in designing and teaching arts-integrated projects.  Applied learning in and through the arts is a powerful tool in developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Arts processes develop the imagination and help young people understand and connect with their creative selves.

Professional development workshops

Administrators, teachers and parents learn about and understand the importance of activating learning through the arts. These provide a skills-based understanding of arts processes as well as a content-based approach to broadening pedagogical as well as managerial practice. These workshops can also be designed to help arts specialists link more effectively with academic curricula.  All workshops are developed collaboratively, working within your ideal time-frame.
Questions?  Contact me.

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