What if my inventory does not contain what you are looking for?

Consider a commission.  I create work to your specifications; size, content, color, and within your time frame.  I have considerable experience working on commissions including private, commercial and public art projects. The commissioning process is collaborative by its nature.  Each collaboration takes its own form.  Working with young students at a public school in Queens, we produced work that was, from concept to completion, a hands-on experience.  In this type of collaboration, I favor a facilitation process that creates a process where each person’s idea and input is important.  Commission pricing follows a similar structure to the work in inventory: size is a basic component in the pricing structure.

Questions: send me a message, I’ll get right back to you!

Images above from a commission with CITYarts, Always in Bloom, 84th and Amsterdam Avenue, NYC. In collaboration with the Urban Assembly for Green Careers High School. 


I recently purchased a work on paper by Karen Fitzgerald. I was lucky enough to visit her in her studio and be a part of the process. While staying true to her ethereal and magical style she was kind enough to collaborate with me on color, size and medium. Needless to say I was thrilled with the outcome and have my commissioned work of art hanging in a place of honor in my home. I am looking forward to seeing more of Karen’s work in the future.

Private Client
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