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Join us at Westbeth Gallery, 57 Bethune Street, NYC, Friday, March 31st, 6-8pm. 45 contemporary artists from 3 international collectives open up new ways of seeing, feeling and perceiving, embodying their own radiant dimensionality. Sourced primarily through intuition and the process of art making itself, the works included in this show bring viewers closer to what Susan Sontag described as ‘the luminousness of the thing in itself.’ Click to open the current newsletter to learn more:



NEW YORK, February 1, 2023—Westbeth Gallery will host Luminous Elsewheres, an exhibit featuring artists who actively explore visual domains that are evocative, mysterious and unexpected. Eschewing the confines of logic and linearity, Luminous Elsewheres artists are receptors through whom “the echoes and reflections of an irrational elsewhere flow freely and take form.” (Daniela Ferretti) The exhibit will be on view from March 31 through April 28, 2023.

“Each artist in Luminous Elsewheres has honed a vision of a personal ‘elsewhere’ that embodies its own radiant dimensionality,” the curators have written. “These visual explorations open up new ways of seeing, feeling and perceiving.” Sourced primarily through intuition and the process of art making itself, the works included in this show bring viewers closer to what Susan Sontag described as  “the luminousness of the thing in itself.”

At a time when the collective sense of the world is being disrupted, realigned and reinvented, this approach explores a more allocentric and inclusive way of seeing and feeling. Visual art contributes to constructing a better and more sustainable future, an idea captured in the words of Luminous Elsewheres artist Taney Roniger: “Here we come to the otherness within art itself: that rare kind of art that, defying ready comprehension or systematic interpretation, instead plunges the viewer into the ocean of unknowing.” That ocean of unknowing becomes the place to discover the next story, a better story.

The following artists will be featured in Luminous Elsewheres: Phoebe Adams, Tracey Adams, Cheryl Aden, Deborah Barlow, Hedwig  Brouckaert, Janine Brown, Leigh Anne Chambers, Mi-Jin Chun, John Cox, Alison Cuomo, Patricia Dahlman, Silvia De Marchi, Tina Feingold, Karen Fitzgerald, Kathryn Geismar, Caroline Golden, Ed Grant, Laura Gurton, Lynette Haggard, Carole Kunstadt, M P Landis, Joanne Lefrak, Denise Manseau, Donnelly Marks, Elizabeth McAlpin, Diane McGregor, Elizabeth Mead, Elizabeth Mooney, Kellin Nelson, Paula Overbay, Heather Palecek, Sky Pape, Deborah Peeples, Laura Ann Perry, Mary Pinto, Taney Roniger, Larry Rushing, Ann Sgarlata, Julie Shapiro, Sarah Slavick, Rhonda Smith, Malu Tan, Linda Tharp, Priya Vadhyar, Debra Weisberg.

Luminous Elsewheres is curated by Deborah Barlow, Alison Cuomo and Karen Fitzgerald. Representing three international artist collectives–Pell Lucy, Fluid Media and Spliced Connector, respectively—the curators have selected work from members of these groups as well as other aligned artists. “We all share an interest in the many ways artists create extraordinary ‘elsewheres’: trusting the process, learning from materials, relying on intuition, giving voice to the innate intelligence of form,” the curators stated.

In addition to receptions for the opening and the closing of the show, conversations about Luminous Elsewheres will be scheduled. Updates about the exhibit can be found on the site listed below.



Luminous Elsewheres

March 31 – April 28, 2023

Westbeth Gallery

Opening reception: Friday March 31, 6-8pm

Closing reception: Friday, April 28, 6-8pm

For exhibit updates and events:

Westbeth Gallery

Westbeth Gallery

57 Bethune Street at Washington Street, New York, NY 10014

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Wednesday through Sunday, 1-6pm

(And by appointment)

Fluid Media

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