Fair Share Art Auction

We invite you to visit Instagram, @fairshareartauction
We are hosting an auction of artwork. We are a networked group of artists who want to contribute our skills to good causes. In this art auction, everyone wins: A worthy charity receives a donation, an artist sells a work of art, and a collector acquires a new piece at an excellent price.

Find more information here: https://mailchi.mp/4c8ae3dd58b2/fairshareartauction-1386066

All art on this site is available for bidding starting on October 18. Using the comment feature with each post, bids can be made in $10 increments. Bidding will end at 11:59PM (EST) on October 28.

If your bid wins, you will be contacted. Half the final selling price is donated to a charity of your choice from a list. The other half, along with a copy of your donation receipt, will go to the artist who will arrange shipment or delivery of your purchase. (An additional price will be charged for deliveries outside the US.)

This auction includes a broad range of terrific, affordable art. We are confident you can find many works that speak to you.