This New Year

I wish you a good year: may it be filled with happiness and contentment. May you find delight at every turn. Click open this current newsletter:

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At The Studio

What do artists do at their studios? Ever wonder? My current newsletter offers reflections about this. Artists wear every hat that business owners wear: the one we most frequently find on our heads is that of artist. We are creators, after all. You will find news of upcoming exhibitions and events in my monthly newsletters.

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Our hurrying world

As Carlo Rovelli accurately describes it, we inhabit time as fish live in water. It rushes, it slows. It is kind, cruel; relentless. We drag it, and it drags us through the energies of our conscious existence. Here’s the current newsletter. Read to the bottom for a wonderful poem by Marie Howe.

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Wind and Power

Please open this newsletter and click the link to access my current newsletter. Upcoming events include two fairs; Art on Paper, and the Affordable Art Fair. Open the newsletter for details!   

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