The benefits of working with others bring many things. This current newsletter announces several new partnerships, and a few results. Click to open;

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Wunnaful, ah wunnaful

Here is the current newsletter, listing upcoming places to see, and purchase my work. The newsletter contains a poem, and some musing regarding going slow. Click to open this post, and then click this link to read the whole newsletter:

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This New Year

I wish you a good year: may it be filled with happiness and contentment. May you find delight at every turn. Click open this current newsletter:

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A story of Black and White

Tastes change. We each are aware of this across our lives. Suddenly a certain article of clothing no longer feels right when we put it on. This is also true for the visual art industry. Perhaps, wickedly so. In this current newsletter, I share a story about how these changes can sometimes present an opportunity

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Praising Form

I recently had the pleasure of spending hours with an erudite friend. We are both artists, and talked through many of our thoughts about not just our own work, but what might be shifting within the visual arts. She sent me a terrific essay by Taney Roniger. This current newsletter focuses on the idea that

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What to do with beauty

Moving at a good clip through our lives, we sometimes miss the exquisite invitations artwork extends. Here are a few thoughts about particular experiences which remain somewhat mysterious. Click to open this current newsletter: There are a number of new watercolors from a recent short residency at the Shed in Wisconsin. Contact me if

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The Garden of Whispering

The world whispers to us in myriad ways. Whispers emerge from the natural world: they are the result of attentive wondering. When we look carefully at this world, questions emerge. For the past 18 years, I’ve been exploring some of those questions with young people at Public School 99. I share some of these experiences

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The current newsletter picks up the thread of conversation about time. We cannot escape the cycle of time, but what a deliciousness there is within this cycle. Please click to open this missive and then click the link to the newsletter.

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