Feature: The Artist Catalogue

  http://www.theartistcatalogue.com/low_res/Fall_2016_Volume_5_Issue_3.pdf The fall edition of The Artist Catalogue is now available online.  My work is featured on pages 19-23. Have a look, share your thoughts. Thank you to the excellent staff at The Artist Catalogue for the publicity.

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Woodside artist’s work is as good as gold – Times Ledger Feature

http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2016/15/artist_2016_04_08_q.html By Allison Plitt In the world of art, Woodside resident Karen Fitzgerald is something of an anomaly. Most painters prefer to work on rectangular canvases, but Fitzgerald feels more comfortable working with the tondo, an Italian Renaissance term for “round panel.” And while, like many artists, she swathes her canvases in paints, Fitzgerald also

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Travelogue Four

The final travelogue of my travels to Korea and Japan, 2014. While in Japan, I visited 3 cities besides Osaka. I took the Japan Railway up to Echizen, and stayed 2 days with Rina Aoki in the paper making village of Echizen Washi. I then traveled up to Kanazawa and stayed overnight to explore this

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Travelogue Three

The 3rd of 4 travelogues regarding travel to Korea and Japan during July and August, 2014. Korea and Japan are distinctly different from each other. Both countries have significant land mass that is unusable. The mountains of each country form a backdrop that is unique: as much geographic as it is cultural, the 70% unusable

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ArtBomb Feature

Until midnight tonight, you can bid on my work, The Watchman He Lay Dreaming, 48″ diameter, oil with moon gold and 23k gold on panel.  Visit http://www.artbombny.com/auctions/details/1305 Tune in, same website, on Saturday, May 17, 2014 for another bidding opportunity on my work.  The bidding opens in the early morning hours and runs for 24

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