The Swiftness of Time

Like a spring river rolling down hill, time seems to be quickening. Days flash past. Click to open the current newsletter with new projects and a poem celebrating springtime.

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“In personal life, regardless of any covenant, one party may initiate a fundamental change in the terms of relating without renegotiating them and further, refusing even to acknowledge the change… There is no democracy in any love relation: only mercy.”       -Gillian Rose, quote from her book, Love’s Work. Click to open the current newsletter with

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Choosing Connection

As the days lengthen, and we cross the mid-winter threshold, light accrues strength. In this current newsletter, I’m shining a light on connection; those relationships that support and strengthen each other. The business world might label this cross-promotion. It may be that, but it is so much more. is a wonderful organization that is

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Among The Trees

We have choice in how we feel. Events may provide emotional response; we are sad when loved ones pass. These days, I choose to be glad. Glad for winter snow. Glad for birdsong. Glad for the trees that dot my daily coming and going. Here’s the current newsletter: click the link to open it.

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Holiday greetings

Days pass quickly. Before we recognize it, 2024 arrives. Click to open the last newsletter of 2023. Congratulations to Melissa Rubin on winning our Winter solstice giveaway.

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Containing Wildness

The current newsletter explores wildness; a tandem celebration of the new exhibition at, Into Wildness. Click this link to open the newsletter: It contains a link to the Artsy exhibition, or you can follow this link to view the digital exhibition: Be in touch if we can assist you with something. In

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Summer news

We are offering a new opportunity to bring my work into your space. Three people will be given the chance to acquire a custom watercolor painting created just for you. You tell me the inspiration for your piece whether it be a place, an element, an emotion, an object, or an energy. TO PARTICIPATE: Direct

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