With Love from the visual language; and a new auction

The visual language has deep story-telling capacities. I don’t necessarily mean that in a literal narrative sense. Visual art has the ability to carry symbolic, subtle embodiments of new ideas. Click to open this current newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/fitzgeraldart/new-auction-8114417 The newsletter also announces an auction in support of those affected by the Mideast earthquakes. Visit Instagram, @fairshareartauctions

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Welcoming the New Year

I’m grateful for the support of everyone. Like the voice of fire, the voice of an artist is muffled without the oxygen of one’s supporters. Here’s news at the beginning of the year. May 2023 bless each of you with all things wished for. Click to open this newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/fitzgeraldart/welcoming-the-new-year-8112069 Get it touch if something

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Rampant Dust

The world is filled with the glamour of dust; dust brought together to gleam and flicker, to waft sweet fragrances, dust sending songs down the wind.  There is a saying that reminds us our own bodies and selves are made from dust, and to it we will return.  Boisterous, clamoring, exuberant, flagrant; this dust gaining

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Aleatory Uncertainty

Over the past weeks I’ve been reading about the other-than-human; a planetary intelligence that sweeps us into its net along with our fellow Earth inhabitants. Scientists are pursuing deeper understandings about how this intelligence works, and what solidarity with it might mean. Click to open the newsletter where this idea is explored in greater depth.

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The Universe of Shimmer

The language of poetry offers an inroad to many things. Most often, it is the door of the imagination that poetry opens. My current newsletter offers a poem with this shimmering doorway accessible to everyone. Click to read on. https://mailchi.mp/fitzgeraldart/with-green-7273433

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With Green

When the sun glints off all the new green growth, there is an elemental sparkling only apparent in June. It is a kind of “reckless plenitude,” (Stacie Cassarino wrote in “Summer Solstice.”) It is “Light that in its excess has become something else.” (“Summer Solstice,” by Donna Kane.) It is ….light’s greattriumph  (Joseph Stroud wrote in “Night

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