I’m giving away a 15″ x 19″ Print mounted on 2″ matte paper in a 20″ x 25″ frame of Cross River (worth over $200). I also have a special prize for EVERYONE who enters, EVEN IF YOU DON’T WIN: … Read More

Attending to Attention

When we pay attention to what we are paying attention to, we become aware of our own thinking. Maybe that’s a form of meditation. Click to open this current newsletter where I discuss this a bit more. Find details on … Read More

Light and Breath

Our world is alive with breath and breathing. It seems to play with light, this deep breathing that is within and without. It is as though our own lungs are the alveoli of those of the planet. Along with the … Read More

This New Year

Unlike any other – it’s become cliche in its own right. When the calendar turns in a few short days, all our energies will face the future, with hopeful delight. Click open this newsletter to learn how you can view … Read More

Something New

There’s always something new. Check out this current newsletter to find out what’s new here at FitzgeraldArt. Click to open the link.

Fair Share Art Auction

We invite you to visit Instagram, @fairshareartauctionWe are hosting an auction of artwork. We are a networked group of artists who want to contribute our skills to good causes. In this art auction, everyone wins: A worthy charity receives a … Read More

Let The Immeasurable Come

We are forever navigating between the interior of ourselves, and the exterior world. The edge between shifts everyday, and each existence undulates across the myriad subtleties of movement, growth, communication. This is what it means to live within a conscious … Read More

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